Here at Blue Lion Childcare it's easy to adapt to suit the needs of the child because I don't have a strict schedule that I need to stick to. I accommodate individual requirements as much as possible; I have a good relationship with parents, listening to their wishes and enabling children to feel settled and secure.

Small numbers mean the children here get plenty of attention and adult interaction. While independant play is an important part of growing older its important to know that someone is there to meet the needs of your child, to give plenty of encouragement - ensuring children can grow in confidence.

Children love to be busy and there is always plenty of different activities and toys available. There is an enclosed outdoor play area. Living locally to great parks, beaches and woodlands we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and use local attractions such as Plymouth Aquarium and Paignton zoo.

I have plenty of books and use them for quiet times  or noisy times; to help children feel comforted or to fuel their imagination. They enjoy visiting the town library and participating in 'book crawl' and other book challenges.

I want children to have a happy and fun-filled time here. They may be learning about the world or developing their communication or numeracy skills but as far as they are concerned they are just reading a story, singing a song or playing a counting game.

While children are here parents can rest assured they are being well-cared for. Work, study or family commitments may mean you need childcare help but here at Blue Lion it doesn't mean they have to miss out on what you would like them to be doing - If there is an outing or activity that you want your child to participate in I am always open to suggestions!

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